What is the Climate Action Pledge (CAP)?

The Climate Action Pledge (CAP) is an initiative to engage foundations and philanthropists in decisive action to address global warming and support a healthy, ecologically-balanced future, through strategic grant-making and bold investments. The CAP convenes philanthropists, climate experts and investors to stimulate deeper thinking and new action; is creating a platform to better share knowledge and information across the climate philanthropy field; and, has created the Climate Pledge as an open, accessible and easy-to-use tool to encourage and track new climate commitments. The Climate Pledge is designed to markedly increase the amount of philanthropic funding directed to climate grant-making and investing, with a goal of $1 billion in new monies pledged in 2020.

Is there an actual “Pledge” to sign?

The Climate Pledge form is available at www.climate-pledge.org. Donors are asked to make a statement of commitment – whether in the form of grants, programs, investments, or some other action – and a CAP team member will follow-up to gather specific details.

How will Pledges be tracked?

Working with Candid and KPMG, we will track information that is provided. We strongly encourage all donors involved in climate philanthropy to provide information about their activities to help us
provide a more complete picture of what is happening and where gaps remain. We will be as transparent with the data as donors allow. However, no information will be shared publicly without permission.

Is there a minimum amount required to join in the Climate Pledge?

There is not a minimum amount required. Tracking will begin for Pledge amounts of $100K and above. We strongly encourage foundations and individuals to think strategically across all areas of their programmatic work and investments and identify ways they can maximize their efforts to help combat climate change and address global warming.

How are you defining ‘climate philanthropy’?

‘Climate philanthropy’ includes all philanthropic efforts that seek to substantially reduce our human carbon footprint and global warming and/or to help communities adapt to new climate realities. The CAP is informed by the comprehensive, science-based, substantive solutions to global warming highlighted by Project Drawdown.

What steps is the CAP taking to reach its stated goal?

CAP will become a node for the broadest cross section of climate philanthropy and investing, expanding engagement in the climate conversation and spurring new thinking and action. CAP will also highlight areas of effective action that have not been central to climate philanthropy heretofore. We will also encourage collaboration, information-sharing and public accountability through the pledge-tracking mechanism and through a series of thought-provoking events designed to engage philanthropists. CAP will collect, curate and encourage knowledge, action and investment across the climate philanthropy sector.

Why should philanthropy focus on climate change?

We are in the climate era and all of us, as institutions and individuals, need to grapple with what that means. We believe that climate change is the defining challenge of our time and that philanthropy
has a pivotal role to play in shaping the discourse on global warming. Philanthropy can also play a crucial role in supporting innovation, providing essential ‘risk capital’ to test new approaches, and
promote a vision of a healthy, ecologically-balanced future.

Who is supporting the Climate Action Pledge?

The CAP is an initiative of Global Friends Philanthropy with support from the TSE Foundation. We welcome engagement with philanthropists who are interested in joining the new conversation.