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Global Friends Philanthropy is dedicated to addressing complex transnational problems. We believe in the potential of the philanthropic sector to help shape a global conversation, one that articulates and promotes a new vision of a shared future. Global Friends believes in an active role for philanthropy, engaging civil society and private enterprise in helping to realize that vision.

We are living in a new and pivotal moment in human history. Ensuring the next chapter of our human story is characterized by well-being for humans and the natural systems we inhabit will require leadership, courage, and action. Each of us must have awareness and resolve to seek answers beyond those offered by outdated models of progress. We need 21 st century models, built on civilizational preparedness and resilience – this is especially true in three areas that Global Friends Philanthropy is taking up: climate change, the industrial food system, and plastics proliferation.

As has been true of other great turning points in human history, this one is beginning with individuals, courageous and responsible citizens stepping forward to lead and inspire the rest of us. Global Friends Philanthropy is an emerging cohort of philanthropists tackling the urgent challenges of this century. The first initiative, the Climate Action Pledge, is committed to deepening and expanding climate philanthropy, bringing the full range of the sector’s power to bear on civilization’s greatest challenge.

The Climate Action Pledge

  • A dynamic collaborative initiative that is engaging more philanthropists in climate action.
  • A specially designed pledge-tracking mechanism designed to encourage cooperation and
    transparency through the Climate Pledge (see the announcement).
  • A new node for the broadest spectrum of climate philanthropists to advance, accelerate and
    better align around climate mitigation and adaptation actions and investments.

The Climate Action Pledge has held three annual gatherings during Climate Week in New York City.


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