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About Us

The Global Friends are philanthropists adding our voices to help shape a new global conversation, embracing a new vision of our common future, and registering our commitment to combating global warming. The Climate Action Pledge is our first initiative.

We are living in a new and pivotal moment in human history. Ensuring the next chapter of our human story is characterized by well-being for humans and the natural systems we inhabit will require leadership, courage, and action. Each of us must have awareness and resolve to seek answers beyond those offered by outdated models of progress.

As has been true of every great turning point in human history, this one is beginning with groups of courageous and responsible citizens stepping forward to lead and inspire the rest of us. The Global Friends is a cohort of philanthropists committed to tackling the urgent challenges of this century. The Climate Action Pledge will position philanthropy at the forefront of the climate change discourse.

The Climate Action Pledge

  • A dynamic collaborative initiative that is engaging more philanthropists in climate action.
  • A specially designed pledge-tracking mechanism designed to encourage cooperation and transparency.
  • A climate media platform designed to further develop the field of climate philanthropy and help philanthropists shape the discourse on global warming.
  • A multifaceted portal whereby existing funders will join with new funders to broaden the public’s engagement with global warming and steer communities toward climate action solutions that are tangible, immediate, and scale ready.

The Climate Action Pledge initial launch event took place on September 18, 2017 in New York City. The CAP’s full launch is scheduled to begin in early 2018.

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